Hosanna is a true gift to the healing world as working with her has created room for new perspectives in my everyday life while helping heal my energic body. With her supportive and empowering tools, I’ve been able to mend broken relationships with my immediate family. Through this work, I was finally able to remove all of the limiting labels and beliefs from past experiences that unknowingly informed and sometimes tainted my present experiences. I was able to heal Stories that once served as defense mechanisms and dressings to old wounds in order to truly step into my individual power. Where I once felt stuck, I now feel a beautiful sense of fluidity that I can’t ever recall experiencing prior to this journey. My gratitude for you can’t be quantified, thank you, Goddess!
— Sabine

Before going in to my first Reiki session, I wasn’t 100% sure what to expect but I knew I was longing for something. When I walked in everything immediately felt comforting and relaxing. The room was bright and soft. Hosanna talked to me about my needs and expectations and what I wanted to focus on. I had a desire to relax and really get out of my head. I was dealing with a lot of things and just needed help balancing out my energy. After the session I felt warm inside and empowered. I also felt relief. I wasn’t as anxious and I felt like I could breathe easier. It was as if the energy that moved around in my body repositioned itself in exactly the right places it needed to in order for me to not feel overwhelmed with one part of my body, mind or spirit. Hosanna did an amazing job explaining to me why I was feeling the things I felt and what the energy shifts meant. I also walked about knowing what I need to be more cognizant about as I go through my day to day journey. I will definitely return!
— Jasmine

My first Reiki session with Hosanna was actually a gift and one I will cherish forever. I was in a very odd place in my life where I felt too attached to meaningless things like titles and status. I felt there was more to myself that I wasn’t tapping into. From the moment Hosanna greeted me at the door, I felt a sense of relief. Good energy floated all around her and her beautiful sanctity of a space. I felt at peace throughout the session and finally realized that thing holding me back was fear to express my creativity and fear to just step out the “status-quo”. After the session Hosanna actually sat with me and we spoke for awhile. It felt like the soft landing after a lift. She brings you back to full circle and makes sure you’re in a good place. Thank you, Hosanna. You’re wonderful.
— Kat

This being my second reiki session in over ten years, I wasn’t present to what a powerful, healing and deeply nourishing session I was in for. Hosanna was open, welcoming and attuned to how to set me up to have a valuable session. From the pre-session questions to the actual experience of being worked on energetically, I ended the session feeling deeply relaxed, rested and as though I had released stagnant energy. It was profound. Hosanna took the time to sit with me post session sharing feedback as well as helpful tips on how to sustain, rest effectively and keep my energy levels in balance. I went in thinking this would be a nice one-off but left very clear on the benefits and importance of investing in my own wellness, so I can be and do well for others. Specifically, I left clear on the healing that Reiki provides and slept like a baby that night! Hosanna is doing the work she is meant to be doing. I would, and do, 100% recommend her services.
— Jahan

The synergy between the practitioner and the receiver, is so important. And, so personal. Hosanna is my person. There’s a deep warmth about her that transfers to the warmth of her hands floating over me. There’s a subtle pull and draw, performing some kind of spiritual surgery as she individually goes over every one of my chakras and discerns, opens, aligns. Before long, I find myself somewhere else. And when I come back, I come back feeling equal parts relaxed and charged — lifted in the lightest way. In that way, Hosanna is my person (and apparently, my spiritual surgeon) — guiding me to where I need to be, from right there in the gently heated, rose-misted refuge of her reiki room.
— Sandi

StorySculpting™ came to me at a time when I was grappling with undesirable aspects of my identity, personality and patterning that had bubbled to the surface. Physically, I was experiencing symptoms of anxiety daily, and defending myself against week-long spirals that drained my energy and left me confined to bed. Even though I had been in talk therapy for several months, I had not had much success with naming what I was feeling, or with preemptively recognizing when anxiety was coming on or what might trigger it.

From the first session with Hosanna, what struck me most was her expansiveness. She seemed to be able to gracefully hold space for the many identities we worked together to name - the shadow ones, the uncertain ones, the good ones. With each realization or observation I would make about myself, Hosanna activated an impartial wisdom to guide me to the next. Her commitment to compassionately pointing to wisdoms that my stories were offering was crucial, allowing me to share painful truths of trauma without remaining stuck in (or victimized by) them. She helped me uncover powerful realizations about my struggles with authentic voice and truth, and many of the exercises we worked through provided me with a tool set (ranging from journaling to recording and more) to continue working through fears and blocks in those areas.

Beyond the tools, though, Hosanna’s energy and wisdom has helped me to cultivate and access to my internal observer. My connection to my higher self is palpable for the first time ever, allowing me to begin the work of learning how to view my feelings as valuable pieces of intuition. My suffering as markers of lessons that I’m becoming more prepared to receive. My stories as things that I alone am capable of shifting.

Thank you Hosanna, your presence in my healing journey feels so aligned. I am grateful for the work that we have done, and the work that I know we’ll continue to do in the future.
— Gee X

I am just grateful that I had the experience. Hosanna’s group sessions made me feel like I could share parts of me in the presence of others, as she created a safe space for connection to happen. More than one person in the group had similar experiences as me, and it was really cathartic to realize that my Story is unique but I’m not alone…
— Stephanie