Hosanna Marshall

Creator of The Open Series

Hello, Hosanna here :)

I am a StorySculpter, reiki healer, filmmaker, spirited traveler and ever-evolving-human based in Brooklyn with roots throughout the globe. I use the power of story, the healing energy of reiki and out in the world transformational experiences to help individuals and communities connect, heal and grow.

In 2013 it was my belief in the expansive nature of travel that led me to create The Open Series (One Person’s Evolving Narrative) - originally a documentary film series that explored the relationship between travel and self discovery.  Each short film told the intimate story of an individual in a crossroads moment in life who was ripe for a journey. Open sponsored them to take a trip anywhere in the world and captured the experiences along the way. As the travelers held themselves up against new backdrops, the journey became the medium for exploration and expanded awareness – of the world, and of self. To see what unfolded, view our films from Japan and South Africa.



After facilitating others’ journeys, I took a step back for some discovery of my own. It was on a solo trip through Spain and Portugal that I injured my left foot. Months later, back in NYC, a doctor told me I’d broken a small bone that would likely never mend. This was a wake up call to how I’d been pushing through pain - physically and in other areas of my life. I began to slow down, seeking out alternative ways to heal, and this is how I was introduced to reiki. It took one session for me to realize that something subtle yet transformative was going on. I experienced a deep and gentle connection with myself - a coming home of sorts - that invited me listen to the messages my body was gifting. I began to tune into myself on all levels - physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. And today I am happy to share that my foot is 100% healed, and my overall life is healing and expanding more and more each day.


It’s through reiki that I learned the powerful connection between mind, body and spirit - how tuning into this connection can lead to healing all parts of ourselves and our lives. It’s through storytelling that I learned the power of Story - how our Stories, our words, create our world and how exploring, healing and sharing our Stories can transform our lives and the lives of others.

I’m grateful to be on this journey, to create space for care and exploration and to share the tools and experiences that have made an impact on my healing and my life.

I look forward to meeting you.

- Hosanna