Your Story


Your Story is powerful.

To know your Story is to know yourself.

To create your Story is to create your life.   

Story is your history, your identity, your personal narrative. It maps and reflects your journey - how you got here, how you experience the present moment, how you envision and experience your future.

The Story you create and speak into the world has a deep impact on how you experience life. Through consciously sculpting your Story you have the opportunity to evolve it - to heal old narratives and create new ones that can alter and open the course of your life.


What is StorySculpting


StorySculpting is the dynamic exploration of your Story in order to connect with yourself on deeper levels and engage + create your life…


What is the Story of you? How did this Story come to be? How is your life according to this Story? And what elements need to be released or transformed in order for your Story to evolve?

Using interactive story exploration, creative visualization and guided writing + self reflection exercises StorySculpting shines a light on your past, explores how you experience the present and opens up a shift in awareness that leads to the conscious and transformative creation of your future.

In StorySculpting offerings, StorySculpting is combined with Reiki to activate and integrate of all of your parts - mind, body and spirit. It’s in this aligned state of being that you access a higher consciousness where healing, creation and transformation are possible.

What is Reiki? Reiki is a hands on healing practice that balances your energy - the life force that animates your body. It facilitates a gentle and powerful connection with self that raises your vibrations, bringing you into a relaxed and aware state of being.


Building Community 


Story has the power to heal individuals and create communities.

Through exploring our personal Stories we understand ourselves on deeper levels and become conscious creators of our present and future. Through sharing our Stories, we build bridges that break down isolation and  separation, helping us to move beyond stereotypes and assumptions towards seeing each other in our full humanity. It is from this ripe place that we can build communities that are inclusive, in which all are seen, heard and have the opportunity to thrive.


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