1:1 StorySculpting


1:1 StorySculpting™ is a private healing experience that guides you through the deep and transformative exploration of your personal narrative.

Over the course of 3 sessions, StorySculpting™ and Reiki are combined to activate and integrate of all of your parts - mind, body and spirit.

What is StorySculpting?

StorySculpting™ is the dynamic and interactive exploration of your Story, your personal narrative, for deeper awareness, healing and growth.

What is the Story of you? How did this Story come to be? How is your present day life according to this Story? What future Story is calling you and what do you need to release or transform to evolve there?

Using interactive story exploration, creative visualization and guided writing + self reflection exercises, StorySculpting shines a light on your past, explores how you experience the present and opens up a shift in awareness that leads to the conscious and transformative creation of your future.

Through this process you become intimate with all of your parts – the joyful, the challenging, the light-filled areas, the parts of you in shadow that you might hide or possibly don’t see. We work together to integrate them all, illuminating your unique Story, in all its twists and turns, as a medium of possibility for all the growth and evolution that’s beckoning to come through in your life. Your Story becomes a healing catharsis that awakens your Authentic Voice - a powerful tool that helps you connect with and inspire others.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands on healing practice that removes blockages and balances your energy - the life force that animates your body. It facilitates a gentle and powerful connection with self that raises your vibrations, bringing you into a relaxed and aware state of being.

It’s in this relaxed and aware state of being that you access a higher state of consciousness where healing, creation and transformation are possible.

The Flow

3 Sessions

  • Session 1 : 120 - 150 Minutes

  • Session 2 : 120 - 150 Minutes

  • Session 3 : 120 - 150 Minutes

2 At-Home DISCOVERY EXERCISES (Guided Writing + SELF-Reflection)

Between Sessions 1 and 2

Between Sessions 2 and 3

Continuous Discovery

  • Ways to continue your Story’s evolution after your sessions are complete

The Value

  • Me, Hosanna, your soulful co-creator, meeting you exactly where you are and helping you on your journey of exploration and growth, through…

  • 6+ hours (over the course of 3 sessions) of StorySculpting and Reiki - a gentle yet powerful and holistic combination that treats mind, body and spirit - opening up channels for deep exploration of self and a connection to higher realms of consciousness.

  • At Home Discovery Exercises that guide you through writing and self reflection that illuminates you as the StorySculpter - the source of your own healing and the creator of your life.

  • Tools for how to explore and create Story that will serve you not just now but for the rest of your life, as you continue to evolve.

This Is For You If…

  • You want to understand yourself and your Story on deeper levels

  • You want to uncover the wisdom, insight and gifts of your unique life journey and use them to sculpt a Story that heals you and inspires others

  • You want to create something new in your life and you’re looking for support and tools

  • You’re in a moment of transition (work, relationships, life stage) and are looking for tools to ground and inform your way forward

  • You’re feeling stuck in life and need to heal some areas in order to grow

  • You recognize unhealthy patterns in your life and want to break out of the cycle

  • You’re uncertain of your future and are looking for a way forward

  • You’re looking for a safe and supportive space for deep inner work

Get Started

1:1 StorySculpting™ is available in person with reiki healing (150min sessions) and virtually without reiki healing (120min sessions).

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