StorySculpting Workshops


StorySculpting Workshops are interactive group experiences that guide participants through StorySculpting exercises with the added value of sharing and building on Story in community. A group Reiki session closes the workshops for a full mind, body and spirit experience.

Each workshop’s theme is customized for the needs of the individuals and communities I serve. My aim is to create a safe and sacred space for all to feel seen and heard, to experience expansion, release and open new possibilities for themselves and their lives.

What is StorySculpting?

StorySculpting is the dynamic exploration of your Story in order to connect with yourself on deeper levels, and engage and create your life.

What is the Story of you? How did this Story come to be? How is your present day life according to this Story? What future Story is calling you and what do you need to release or transform to evolve there?

Using interactive story exploration, creative visualization and guided writing + self reflection exercises, StorySculpting shines a light on your past, explores how you experience the present and opens up a shift in awareness that leads to the conscious + transformative creation of your future.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a hands on healing practice that removes blockages and balances your energy - the life force that animates your body. It facilitates a gentle and powerful connection with self that raises your vibrations, bringing you into a relaxed and aware state of being.

It’s in this relaxed and aware state of being that you access a higher state of consciousness where healing, creation and transformation are possible.

Upcoming Workshops


Workshop I : The Root Chakra


Sandi Preston, yoga teacher and co-founder of And Yoga Studio, and Hosanna Marshall, reiki practitioner and founder of The Open Series, lead a seven-part series that delves into the wisdom and insights stored within the seven chakras -- the energy centers that animate our body, hold the stories of our lives, and are instrumental in maintaining mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical balance. Each workshop focuses on one chakra, creating a vivid and open line of communication to that sacred space through yoga, visualization, storysculpting (writing + conversation), and reiki healing.

This workshop will focus on chakra one, The Root Chakra. We’ll explore its themes, how it shows up in life, what it looks like when it’s deficient or over-exerted. And then we’ll guide you through a deep connection and communication with your Root Chakra to bring it into balance.

Where : And Yoga Studio, 449 Nostrand Avenue @ Halsey St, Bed Stuy, Brooklyn

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your journal, pen and yoga mat.


Past Workshops



A grounding exercise opens the workshop to bring us into our bodies and our breath. Personal intention setting sets the tone. We then journey into ourselves through a series of prompts and writing exercises that seek to illuminate our personal narratives and identify opportunities for transformation. A group reiki session and a clearing exercise close the circle, allowing participants to integrate the revelations and new creations that have been initiated, and release what no longer serves.

Where : HealHaus, 1082 Fulton Street, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn



A grounding exercise opens the workshop to bring us into our bodies and our breath. We then explore our individual lived experiences around a theme of social relevance to our times, exploring and acknowledging the current reality and then collectively working towards envisioning a reality that incorporates and supports all of our well being. A group reiki session and affirmations close our time together, as well as an exploratory of how this envisioned reality could be made manifest. Participants will have the opportunity to connect for continued building after the workshop.

Theme : Walking Around in My Body

Where : HealHaus, 1082 Fulton Street, Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

For inquiries or to invite a StorySculpting Workshop to your community, contact us.

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