Sculpt Your Story: An Online Course


Heal Old Narratives, Awaken Your Authentic Voice and Embrace the Power of Your Story to Transform Your Life


Hi, my name is Hosanna. I’m the creator of The Open Series - a platform that creates safe space for self discovery, healing and growth.

Through StorySculpting™ I help evolving humans like you discover your unique life journey, heal old wounds and connect with the power of your Story so you can break old narratives and limiting beliefs, sculpt a Story that transforms your life and use your voice to authentically connect with and inspire others.



What is StorySculpting?

StorySculpting™ is a dynamic and interactive healing journey that uses your personal narrative, the Story of you, as a way in to deeper awareness, connection, compassion and love of self and your journey.

Through guided writing exercises, spoken story exploration, creative visualization and self awareness practices and tools, you become intimate with all of your parts – the joyful, the challenging, the light-filled areas, the parts of you in shadow that you might hide or possibly don’t see. We work together to integrate them all, illuminating your unique Story, in all its twists and turns, as a medium of possibility for all the growth and evolution that’s beckoning to come through in your life.

Your Story becomes a healing catharsis that awakens your Authentic Voice - a powerful tool that transforms your life and helps you connect with and inspire others.

What You’ll Learn

In this online course you’ll be guided through an interactive and intuitive journey into exploring, healing and sculpting your Story in a safe, sacred environment that allows for 1:1 individualized attention and the added value of working on your Story in a community.  

You’ll explore and create your Story using the transformative SCULPT method…

S peak Your Intentions for Transformation

C reate + Open Safe, Sacred Space

U ncover + Gather All of Your Parts

L isten In + Speak Your Story

P ractice + Personify Your Story

T ransform Your Story, Your Life + Inspire Others



The Tools

Throughout this process you’ll learn the following Tools...

Deep Chakra Breathing : To activate your energy centers and connect you to higher realms of consciousness and presence

Sacred Space Creation : To help you create a sacred space in your own home + within your own being where you can engage with your Story and your life on deeper levels

Guided Writing Prompts and Exercises : To help you delve into your current Story and the life moments, experiences and beliefs - past and present - that make it up

Spoken Story Exploration : To connect you with the power of hearing your own Story (what you say) in your own Voice (how you say it), and the self discovery this brings. Ultimately awakening your Authentic Voice - a voice reflective of your truest self

Self Awareness + Self Reflection Practices : To bring you in tune with how you’re feeling, seeing and experiencing yourself in the world, and invite you to shift from a place of self judgement to a place of self compassion, understanding and acceptance

Creative Visualization : To support you in consciously sculpting a Story aligned with your deepest desires for your present and your future


The Flow


3 Sessions

Session 1 : Group: 2 Hours
(September 8th, 2pm EST)

Session 2 : Private: 2 Hours
(Various Times Avail.)

Session 3 : Group: 2 Hours
(October 13th, 2pm EST)


Between Sessions 1 and 2
Between Sessions 2 and 3

Journaling, spoken story, and self-reflection practices to guide you through exploring and transforming your Story

Continuous Discovery

Ways to continue your Story’s evolution after your sessions are complete



The Support

In Session

  • Private 1:1 StorySculpting™ coaching that allows you to delve into and sculpt your Story live with Hosanna

  • Group Story coaching and conversation in a small group (capped at 8 StorySculpters) in which a safe and open space is created to evolve your Story in community

Between Sessions

  • Music Playlists to spark and inspire your At Home Discovery

  • Private Facebook Community to connect with your fellow StorySculpters as you move through your At Home Discovery, and after the course is complete if you desire

  • Access to Hosanna via email for Story support throughout the course


What You’ll Gain

  • Knowledge and a new found love and confidence in yourself and your Story

  • Tools and practices that will allow you to release and heal the negative stories, patterns and beliefs that have been holding you back

  • A guided process that empowers you to consciously sculpt your Story and create a life that’s aligned with your most authentic self

  • Guidance to apply and observe your Story in your everyday life so you can fully be who you are (and who you’re becoming) in all areas of life - your friendships, romantic relationships, family relationships, work, creativity, relationship with self, all of it…  

  • Use of Story as a visioning and manifestation tool for your life

  • Access to the same blueprint I discovered and have used on my own journey to heal and expand my Story and create my life. And direct access to me to guide you through the process

  • Safe, supportive space and time to transform your Story in profound ways that will continue after the course ends and serve you for the rest of your life, as your Story continues to evolve

This is for You if…

  • You want to understand yourself and your Story on deeper levels

  • You want to use your voice to be fully expressed in all areas of your life

  • You’re feeling disconnected from your authentic self

  • You’re in a moment of transition (work, relationships, life stage) and are looking for tools to ground and support your way forward

  • You’re feeling stuck in a rut or rat race and desire time and space to reflect and change your life

  • You’re stuck in old stories and narratives that are holding you back from growing into the life you want

  • You recognize unhealthy patterns in your life and want to break out of the cycle

  • You’re uncertain of your future and are looking for a way forward

  • You want to sculpt a Story that heals you and inspires others

  • You’re open to exploring yourself and your Story through words - written and spoken. You don’t need to be a writer or love writing, but you’re open to journaling and self reflection exercises in written and spoken forms.

  • You’re open and ready to do this work for yourself and your life


Hosanna is a true gift to the healing world as working with her has created room for new perspectives in my everyday life. With her supportive and empowering tools, I’ve been able to mend broken relationships with my immediate family. Through this work, I was finally able to remove all of the limiting labels and beliefs from past experiences that unknowingly informed and sometimes tainted my present experiences. I was able to heal stories that once served as defense mechanisms and dressings to old wounds in order to truly step into my individual power. Where I once felt stuck, I now feel a beautiful sense of fluidity that I can’t ever recall experiencing prior to this journey. My gratitude for you can’t be quantified, thank you, Goddess!
— Sabine
I share this in honor of the work I’ve been doing with Hosanna and StorySculpting™. I share this in being transparent that, at the age of 38, I truly see myself as me, and as myself in the world. And! how I want to truly and authentically be. I can’t express enough how this work has supported me....This work is next level...The work continues, and as it does I can serve myself and this world in a much better way.
— Carolina
I was initially anxious to begin my StorySculpting™ : Are there things that would come up that I wasn’t ready to face? Would I excavate my story and be critical of it? All of these worries were dissipated by Hosanna. She gently allowed space for my ego to run wild, and grounded me through breathing exercises, calling attention to my energy centers, quieting my mind and allowing my intuition to arise in its place. The Story exploration (through writing and audio recordings) allowed my spirit to explore an expansive inner terrain. Yes, things from the past that were unresolved were brought to the surface, but unexplored pathways made themselves clear through this guided process, and an uncharted and exciting future became available to me. This offering is for anyone who is ready to make a meaningful shift in their life. It certainly did that for me, by further unlocking my purpose and communicating it to the world.
— Boyuan
I am just grateful that I had the experience. Hosanna’s group sessions made me feel like I could share parts of me in the presence of others, as she created a safe space for connection to happen. More than one person in the group had similar experiences as me, and it was really cathartic to realize that my Story is unique but I’m not alone…
— Stephanie
StorySculpting™ came to me at a time when I was grappling with undesirable aspects of my identity, personality and patterning that had bubbled to the surface... Even though I had been in talk therapy for several months, I had not had much success with naming what I was feeling, or with preemptively recognizing when anxiety was coming on or what might trigger it.

From the first session with Hosanna, what struck me most was her expansiveness. She seemed to be able to gracefully hold space for the many identities we worked together to name... With each realization or observation I would make about myself, Hosanna activated an impartial wisdom to guide me to the next. Her commitment to compassionately pointing to wisdoms that my stories were offering was crucial, allowing me to share painful truths of trauma without remaining stuck in (or victimized by) them. She helped me uncover powerful realizations about my struggles with authentic voice and truth, and many of the exercises we worked through provided me with a tool set (ranging from journaling to recording and more) to continue working through fears and blocks in those areas.

Beyond the tools, though, Hosanna’s energy and wisdom has helped me to cultivate and access my internal observer. My connection to my higher self is palpable for the first time ever, allowing me to begin the work of learning how to view my feelings as valuable pieces of intuition. My suffering as markers of lessons that I’m becoming more prepared to receive. My stories as things that I alone am capable of shifting.

Thank you Hosanna, your presence in my healing journey feels so aligned. I am grateful for the work that we have done, and the work that I know we’ll continue to do in the future.
— Gee X

About Hosanna


Hello, Hosanna here…

I am a StorySculpter, reiki healer, filmmaker, spirited traveler and ever-evolving-human based in Brooklyn with roots throughout the globe.

In 2013 it was my belief in the expansive nature of travel that led me to create The Open Series (One Person’s Evolving Narrative) - originally a documentary film series that explored the relationship between travel and self discovery.  Each short film told the intimate story of an individual in a crossroads moment in life who was ripe for a journey. Open sponsored them to take a trip anywhere in the world.

After facilitating others’ journeys, I took a step back for some discovery of my own. It was on a solo trip through Spain and Portugal that I injured my left foot. Months later, back in NYC, a doctor told me I’d broken a small bone that would likely never mend. This was a wake up call to how I’d been pushing through pain - physically and in many other areas. I began to slow down, seeking to understand the state of my life and how my Story was affecting my experience of it.

This led to the creation of StorySculpting™ and a love for the power of Story - how our words create our world and how exploring, healing and sharing our Stories can transform our lives and the lives of others.

I’m grateful to be on this path, to create space for care and exploration and to share the tools and experiences that have made an impact on my healing and my life.

I look forward to meeting you…


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